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Netflix are constantly changing their account algorithm. This means the Netflix Generator must be updated daily. Our team spend 2-3 hours every week making sure that this

service is high quality.

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Everyone knows Netflix is the best place to watch free movies and TV shows, but many people cannot afford to pay the $7.99 monthly subscription. There are many services promising free accounts, but these are always hacked from paying customers which will quickly get you banned, or they are fake files containing malware. That is, until now!

We offer a solution called "Free Netflix Accounts" which can be found only on this website. Each download allows you to create one free account for Netflix.

I know you're probably thinking "where is the catch?", but the truth is, there isn't one! We can create unlimited Netflix accounts and give them away. Free Netflix Accounts for everyone!

To get your Free Netflix Account with digital delivery, you will need to pass the protection first. This protection has been made to pay server costs and to protect Free Netflix Accounts from "mass-claims" of accounts. The protection is as follows: You will have to complete one simple survey and that way prove you are human.

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Free Netflix Accounts offers free premium usernames and passwords for Netflix to people who can't afford to pay. You're probably wondering how we can get away with providing a free Netflix account without being shut down by our hosting. The reason is that we have discovered a method of generating accounts which does not violate Netflix Terms Of Service as because you are not using your existing Netflix account, you never agreed to them!

By giving away the method for free what we are doing is perfectly legal as well since no one is profiting from Netflix's creation.